About our location at CREED

The Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development (CREED) is a joint effort between the State of Colorado, theNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and affiliated stakeholders who are devoted to clean energy economic development.

CREED brings together stakeholders and service providers that support the creation and growth of cleantech companies in
Colorado, contributing to economic development in the state.

By providing a unique facility where organizations, industry, researchers, scientists, and engineers can interact and  discuss important technical, business, market, and policy issues with entrepreneurs,  investors, analysts, and policy makers, CREED connects the cleantech economic development puzzle pieces together.

CREED's six key capabilities guide cleantech businesses to appropriate resources within the State of Colorado and support the growth of the cleantech industry within the region.

The Energy Efficiency Business Coalition's Role at CREED

We are please to share offices with a handful of like-minded organizations leading the way to a strong new energy economy.  We meet with other CREED stakeholders on a monthly basis to map our common involvement in taking new product and services from a idea to the commercial market as a business. Specifically, the EEBC helps CREED stakeholders to fulfill the capabilities of Policy Impact and Access to a Skilled Workforce.

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